Monday, July 15, 2013

New Tracks in a New Land

It's been about two months since we relocated to the Northeast and we've already begun gettin' out there in a new scene.  It has been nice to reconnect with some old friends and family, but the weather and the bugs are two things I got used to living without.  This past weekend, we were lucky enough to get off the muggy South Shore of MA and head up to Canada and Vermont for some shows and a whole bunch of exploring. 

We got the chance to get some authentic poutine and see some world class fireworks up in Montreal. Then, we hit Burlington, VT...where I forgot all about the microbrews.  Beer is a beautiful thing.  We checked out the Fiddlehead Brewery and then journeyed into the world of my favorite north east microbrew - Magic Hat.  It was unbelievable!

So now we are back in Massachusetts and getting back to work.  This weekend, I'll be playing a 3 hour set of covers and originals at Barlow's in South Boston.  We've also got a number of new events coming up in the area, including a FULL BAND SHOW in AUGUST!  So, watch out New England - I've got big plans for you & me.

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